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We help companies find & sell their value proposition to get more customers and increase their sales by up to 43%.

Do you have a good value proposition?

Or what to do for Digital Marketing?

digital marketing could be unclear

knowing what to do first?

digital marketing requires many steps

many steps are waiting

whiteboard and notes

numerous things to think about

We can help you with

Your Customers / Clients

Do you find them?
Or do they find you?
With our strategy we help you getting more customers or clients.

Social Media

This is your interaction with your users. Using the right social medium brings you value. But you have to bring it first. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or others, value first.

Your Website

Communicate between your company and your clients. Explain your value proposition. If you don’t have it, get it. To increase your sales. We can help.

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about us

Last couple of years, the world of marketing and sales have changed big time. Today more than 4 billion people have a phone/pc in their pocket. Just imagine this number: ten times the amount of people living in the US! Almost every second person in the world. Amazing!

With this smartphone, everybody can find you (or your competitor) from anywhere on the planet. All information about almost everything is accessible. And within seconds!

Ignore this, and your business will die. Sooner rather than later. But let’s see it from the upside: take advantage of it and your business will flourish!

How can you let your business profit from it?

Embrace Digital Marketing!!

Let us show how we can help you:


Icon showing growth of customers

Grow You more customers

If your business needs more people buying your stuff, this should be our primary focus. What is your strategy, business plan or goal?

Tell Me How to Grow

icon showing added value

show the added value of your business

If you deliver great value, but your prospects don’t see it, we have to tell them better. We have to improve the communication with your customers.

Show Me Value

icon help with advertisements at the web

help you with ads

Ads in Google, Facebook or else. The rules of the game have changed. It is easy to spend thousands of marketing dollars without any result. We help you do the right thing.

Learn More About Ads

icon social media

Guide you into Social Media​​

Does your business really need social media? All of it?
And, what should you write about? What does your readers wants to read from you? When should you publish?

Help With My Social Media

icon clarification webdesign

Clarify Web Design​

Your website often is the first thing your potential customer sees. But the design itself is not so important. Or is it?
Should you perhaps focus at more content?

Surprise My Design

How We Work With Our Customers

Before We Know Each Other

Before we meet over the phone, we have already done research. We have looked at how and where your current presence at the Internet has been organized. Tested your loading speed, the performance at mobile devices and looked at potential problems in there.

And best of all, we have documented these tests into a video. This video is brought to you by email. You can view it at your convenience in less than 10 minutes of your time. For an example, take a look here.

By the way, our first research and the video report, is all done for FREE. No costs involved.

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We have made our first research free because we believe investing our time in getting to know you is beneficial for both of us. And we understand that you need to invest your valuable time in us too.

With this approach we believe we are different from most of the people out there, wouldn’t you agree?

When You Like The Way We Work

We start with the plan! In it are all the subjects that must be improved at your site to add more value for your customers and increase its ranking in Google. Most used parts in our strategy are:
– doing the regular website to-do’s
– providing more content (copywriting)
– getting your site into directories (citations)
– improving the popularity of your website
– setting-up your Google My Business correct
– helping you with Call Tracking
– setting-up your Adwords account

You have to keep in mind that when you want to become known to the public, you first of all have to be friends with Google.

Also, to make your and our life as easy as possible, we would suggest striving to be long-term good friends with them. So, refrain from website tactics that Google doesn’t like.

Knowing what Google wants is not easy. Click for more information about Google Guidelines.

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