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What can we do for you and who are we?

We help companies finding more customers

We help companies like yours with better marketing to get more sales.

We help companies both in the US and abroad by finding more customers on the internet. That’s it. It means helping you with telling your message the right way to the right group of people.

Compare it with playing sports. Any sport will do tennis, soccer, rugby, golf; you name it. You could be a brilliant player. But if you play at a field where no other player is around you will not have a big crowd watching you. Or in marketing talk: you won’t have an audience. No one will see you. As a result, no one will buy your products. No attention = no sale.

Getting attention

It is the same on the internet. If you are advertising on Google, but your prospects aren’t looking there, guess what? You won’t find any new customers. You probably get frustrated, and you inevitably lose money. And yes before you are saying, “even a blind squirrel will sometimes find one”, but that is not the same as a sound business!

Showing care is more than just digital

You are probably a skilled and experienced worker. Catching all balls and fighting fires. But if you are so busy that you don’t answer the phone on time, fewer and fewer customers will show up. Or, when you do have proper phone service, and a good product, your focus might be off. Due to whatever reasons. Family, personal problems, financial woes, it all happens to many of us. A helping marketing hand will get your business on track again.

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We help you find the right customers for your products and services

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Promising the world….

…is what several companies do. They promise the world in results but tell you only part of the story. This way, you get easily burnt. An item like search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for a digital existence. But it is far from the only thing.

Personally, this aspect of not paying attention to the full marketing spectrum, both digital and non-digital, is what I dislike at many companies around.

Again, when you compare it with sports, your backhand swing might be perfect. However, if you don’t move fast enough….

Marketing your company benefits from the holistic approach.

Many companies promise to get you on page 1 of Google, which is truly important. But you have to stay there! If other parts of your business are not in good order, your stay at page 1 will be a short one!

It is my firm belief that with basic, solid “down to earth” marketing, many businesses could largely increase their results.

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….Or our method

Results first. And exclusivity in your area. No leads or customer sharing. Like some others do.

We will first show you what we can do for your business. You will have all the possibilities to judge us before we come to business. Then you decide if we are capable enough to take up your business. If both of us (you and I) like it, we could come to a deal.

About the exclusivity:

We don’t want to work for everybody. If we generate leads for your company we will give you exclusivity in your area.

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Some Of The Faces Behind your Success

We are a Digital Agency. For us, that means that we are working with people scattered all over the world. Hereunder you will see some people we have worked with, a lot, the last years.

Rutger Palm

Expert Marketeer

Jennie Ryan

Ad Specialist

Ron Smith

SEO Specialist

Susan Poola

Digital Consultant


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