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More customers for your business

Businesses can only exist when they have enough customers buying their services. Sometimes customers stay loyal with you for years and years, or they might come and go. The latter urges you to find new customers hungry for your service.

In today’s world, more than 80% of the prospective customers are doing some research on the Web. If you are presenting your company very well on the net, you have nothing to worry about.

However, if you are negligent on some details, due to not knowing, having forgotten about it or just when someone is not doing her job, then the existence of your business might be in danger.

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Have Content

Also known as copy. Google loves content. Content is king. However, it must be good content. Good content is material that is relevant to the reader. Your reader. Your prospective customer. If you want to help your potential customers in the best possible way, you must write “copy” for them. If you are not a natural born superstar in writing content, then let others (yes, we would love to help you here too!) do it for you!

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Be Known

Potential customers are searching for solutions to their problems everywhere. Which is precisely the reason that you must mention your company at every possible place where your prospects take a look. Due to the nature of Google, this presentation of your firm has to be stable and looking the same all the time. So if your company is called John Doe Whatever Services, then that is what it is. And not one time John Doe Whatever Services and the next time just John Doe or Services, J. Doe. These variances are not going to bring you any good for your ranking.

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Be Seen

In the old days when there was no Internet, you had to tell people that you had a business. Banners were used, billboards along the road, flyers for distributing into mailboxes, etc. Now it seems easier. You just put up a website, and that is it. Right? Wrong!
Estimates are that the whole World Wide Web contains more than 1.5 billion websites. Albeit only 10-15% is active, this is still approximately 200 million sites. Each minute an amazing number of 380 new websites see the light of day, which comes to an astonishing half a million per day! Meaning that you really have to do something to get noticed.
Unfortunately, just getting noticed is not enough. People must like the information that you share with them. They must like it so much that they will mention your website, or your information, on their websites and blogs. Moreover, even just saying is not enough too! They have to put in a link to your site. If they do, Google will reward your website with a higher position. The higher the position, the more leads you will get. It sounds simple.

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Be Found

One way to be loved by Google is working according to their Guidelines in which they write what you should and shouldn’t do. Google My Business (GMB) is the map area which for some categories of businesses shows up on page 1 of a search. If the GMB indeed shows up, it is always positioned just under the advertisements on top of the page. These ads are paid ads. The GMB is free. If you set your GMB up correctly, your ranking will improve. If you make mistakes in the set-up, your ranking will suffer. Are you sure you have done it all right?

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Know Who Is Calling You

It is surprising to know that many, many companies are spending fortunes in advertising without having a clear picture of which dollar is generating which amount of profit.
When you apply Call Tracking, you will get a wealth of information. With this information you can apply your marketing budget more efficient resulting in more money getting your way.

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Let them know

When you want to know if a marketing action works out, it is wise to start with buying some Adwords. Although this increases your cost of marketing, you will have much more results in a shorter time frame. As a result, you can make adjustments faster and start getting customers at shorter notice.
This way you will earn money faster than your competition. However, doing Adwords incorrect might quickly end up as a bleeder.
It will come as no surprise for you that our company 123Figtree can help you with each of the actions as mentioned above!
If you are interested in working with us, then please fill in the form, and we will get back to you.

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Purpose & Direction

Know your strategy. Find your way to get there. What type of firm do you want to be. Just surviving on the edge of starvation? Or picky to find interesting challenging customers with projects worth going the extra mile?

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Web “Things”

It goes almost without saying that you should have your web related issues taken care of.
So your website is designed and developed. You are hosted by a provider with a good up-time. Your site loads blazingly fast. There are no 404’s at your page. Etc.

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